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  • S.C. MPo Wood S.R.L. also produces wooden frame strucutres for houses.
  • The materials used are according to the solicited system (the framing system) and with the existent offer on the regional market for construction materials.
  • The spruce wood is of great quality, dried to maximum humidity of 16% and treated with ecological substances for improved resistance against mould (must, fungus), microorganisms, wood eating insects and fire.
  • The walls are delivered in structure panes, the exterior ones being equipped with OSB outing, mineral wool and vapor barrier foil (these materials will be mounted in our job-shop).
  • The ceiling boards and the roof structure are delivered cut to the execution dimensions and the rest of components that are part of the stratification are delivered in bags – the mineral wool, in rolls – the foil, and packages – the OSB.
  • Our firm does the design work for the structural panes and the resistance calculations.
  • The building of the foundation, its hydro-insulation and the stratification of the ground floor (polystyrene + cement flooring) are not included in our price calculation and will be performed by the client with third party local constructors.
  • The vapor barrier foil guarantees the protection of the mineral wool for the preservation of the prescribed thermal characteristics.
  • The structure of the constructive components is as follows: Exterior walls (from the exterior to the interior): OSB 12 mm - wooden beams frame 45 x 135 to 145 mm - mineral wool 150 mm - vapor barrier foil; Interior walls: wooden beams frame 45 x 90 to 100 mm - mineral wool 50 to 100 mm ; The ceiling board between the ground floor and the first floor (from the upside to the downside): OSB 18 mm - wooden beams resistance structure 45 x 200 mm to 400 mm from an axis to another axis - mineral wool 100 mm; The roof (from the exterior to the interior):  vapor dispersion foil - continuous OSB revetment 15 mm - resistance structure – truss frame 45 x 220 mm to 600 mm distance between rafters - mineral wool 200 mm - vapor barrier foil.
  • The stairs are regularly made of spruce stratified wood.
  • The outer finishing can be plastering on a lair of polystyrene (here this method is known as “Ecoterm”). The inner finishing can be gypsum board applied directly on the wooden structure or wood wainscoting (on the interior as well as on the interior).
  • The roof shell can be with bituminous furring applied on the revetment or ceramic tiles.
  • The doors and windows are also produced in our unit.

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