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  • To see some of the windows that have been produced at S.C. MPo Wood S.R.L. please vizit our photo gallery.

  • The base material used is the resinous timber, spruce, with a humidity of 8 12%, of which triple stratified mullions are obtained. The mullions have a standard dimension of 80 x 68 mm according to DIN 68 - 121 and have a perfect dimensional stability. On demand, other types of wood such as oak, meranti or cherry, etc. can be used.

  • The profie of the mullions is EURONUT 6/8 System 12/18 9. The fittings are Siegenia for swinging and tilting opening. The dripstone is made of aluminum.

  • The finishing is done with synthetic or ecologic paints, stians and varnishes in any colour according to RAL catalogue. These finishing materials are resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather agents and are guaranteed of up to 5 years by their producer.

  • The adhesives used are ecologic. The sealing is done with two silicone wraps around the profile and with silicone between the glass and the mullions.

  • The windows can be simple or split into two or more compatments with swinging and/or tilting opening or with glass pane. The dimensions of the windows are between 400 and 3000 mm on any side.

  • The thermal insulated glass regularly used is float 4 16 4 (clear, colored or apaque) and can have metallic ornaments icluded. It has the following characteristics: - thermal insulation K = 1,7 - 2,3 W/mpK; -  acoustic insulation R = 34 DB. On demand Low E + argon glass or double Low E glass with thermal insulation of down to K = 0,9 W/mpK can be used.

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