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  • To see some of the doors that were produced or could be produced at S.C. MPo S.R.L. please visit our photo gallery.

Entrance dors:

  • The main material used is spruce wood, with humidity of 8 -12%, of which the triple stratified mullions and the panes are made in the presses. The 110 x 68 mm mullions offer improved burglary rezistance to the entrance doors. Other types of wood such as oak, meranti or cherry can be used if the client desires so.
  • The finishing is done with synthetic or ecologic paints, stains or varnishes in any collor according to RAL. These finishing materials are rezistant to ultraviolet rays and weather factors and are guaranteed for a period up to 5 years by their producer.

  • The adhesives are ecologic. The sealing is done with two silicone wraps in the profile for closing and with silicone between the mullion and the glass pane. On demand, a dust brush or a plastic lamella could be placed between the door wing and the door still for better dust insulation.

  • The glass can be simple float 4 16 4 with thermal insulation (clear, coloured, opaque) or it can have metallic ornaments included or it can be even anti-burglary or painted glass.

Interior doors:

  • The material used is the same as for the entrance doors. On demand other tupes of wood can be used (oak, meranti, cherry, etc.). Triple stratified 110 mm x 40 mm mullions, panes of stratified wood and ornamental glass (simple, coloured or painted) are used.
  • The finishing is done with paints, stains and varnishes for interior. The fittings can be simple or ornamental. On demand sliding fittings can be mounted.

Balcony doors:

  • The balcony doors are made with the same technology as the windows. For large terraces sliding systems can be mounted.

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